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April 1, 2013

Why Can't We Contract Out Half Our Workforce?

California Public Employee Relations Journal

In the wake of the economic recession that rocked the country over the past few years, cities and counties have searched for ways to trim their budgets. Because a significant proportion of a public entity’s funds are dedicated to personnel costs, solutions have ranged from layoffs to furloughs to changes in retirement benefits. In addition, an increasingly popular option has been to contract with another public or private entity to provide public services that are currently performed by an agency’s own civil service employees.

Irma Rodriguez Moisa, Nate Kowalski, and Lisa M. Carrillo wrote the following article discussing the the various options available and the impacts of the decisions.  Download the PDF*



*Reprinted with permission from CPER No. 209 online (March 2013). Copyright by the Regents, University of California. The California Public Employee Relations Program (CPER) provides nonpartisan information to those involved in employer-employee relations in the public sector. To see a sample of the journal, subscribe, or get more information about CPER publications visit



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