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For over 20 years, school districts, county offices of education, universities, community colleges, cities, counties and other public agencies have relied upon FRISK® for guidance in documenting unsatisfactory employee performance. Developed by Steve Andelson, FRISK®: Fundamentals for Evaluators in Addressing Below-Standard Employee Performance, provides evaluators with concrete steps for handling employee deficiencies.

The new FRISK® edition also provides a comprehensive platform for the following trainings and support programs, covering:

  • Basic FRISK® 
  • Advanced FRISK® 
  • Validating the Facts Through Investigation (PROOF)
  • Framing the FRISK® Message to Influence Change
  • Aligning FRISK® and Formal Evaluations
  • Strategic Planning for Employee Dismissal
  • Personal Coaching

Follow the links below to download the FRISK® brochures or to order books directly from our website.  Pricing is as follows: 1-19 books: $34 each; 20-50 books: $32 each; 51 or more books: $29 each.

To schedule a FRISK® training, or to order books by phone, please contact us at: (562) 653-3200.



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