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August 22, 2017

The Best Biglaw Firms For Minority Attorneys Who Want To Make Partner

Racial diversity in law firms seems to have effectively flatlined, leaving minority lawyers at a disadvantage. At some law firms, however, it’s a completely different story. more

May 4, 2017

Big Decision Favors Low Bidders on Public Works Projects

Competitive bidding laws generally require public entities to award contracts to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder on California public works of improvement. more

July 21, 2016

Should Your Company Offer Unlimited Vacation Time?

"Take as much vacation as you like." It sounds too good to be true, but at some companies, it is a reality. more

March 25, 2016

Tip Pooling and the Battle for Equitable Pay in Restaurants

At many restaurants, waiters and bartenders, who receive tips, rake in much more money than the cooks and kitchen staff, who rely on an hourly wage. To spread the money more equitably, the staff pools tips at the end of the night, which are then distributed according to a point system that everyone on staff understands more

January 28, 2016

Your Legal Rights ~  Hosted By Chuck Finney (Employment Law: Public Employees Laws and Issues)

Your Legal Rights - San Mateo Deputy District Attorney Chuck Finney talks with experts on various legal topics, with listener participation. more

November 30, 2015

Challenge taxes in time, or you’re out of luck, court rules

If your local school board assesses a new property tax, and an identical measure in a nearby town is ruled illegal a few months later, can you get your money back? more

November 11, 2015

Former Sheriff Lee Baca will not get immunity at Paul Tanaka’s trial

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca will not be immune from prosecution if he is called to testify in the corruption case against his former second-in-command and reveals any criminal activity that occurred in the jails under his watch. more

October 16, 2015

District considers teacher affordable housing: South San Francisco school officials want more info,

AALRR Partner, Bryce Chastain is quoted in the Daily Journal, Wednesday, October 14, 2015. more

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