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2018 PIHRA Legal Update - Multiple Sessions

aalrr partners, Amber Solano, William Betley, and Paul Fleck will speak at the 2018 PIHRA Legal Update held at three locations across southern California. The 2018 PIHRA Legal Update is three one-day programs held in Anaheim, Riverside and Los Angeles.

AALRR partner, Amber Solano will present a session on A Case Study: EEOC Focus on Disability in 2018
The EEOC closed out its year with a wave of lawsuits against numerous companies with a strong focus on disability discrimination. This session will focus on employer mistakes and tips to properly provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. 

AALRR partner William Betley will present a session on One Toke Over the Line: The Growing Specter of Marijuana in the Workplace
With California now officially a part of the national trend towards legalized recreational marijuana, the drug is more common place than ever. With this changing legal landscape, it is critical that employers understand their rights in addressing employee drug use. When and how can a employer conduct drug testing? What is the scope of acceptable drug use in the workplace? Join us for a discussion of these timely issues to ensure that your company is not left high and dry.

AALRR partner Paul Fleck will present a session on Responding to Workplace Violence: An overview of violence in the workplace
No employer is immune from workplace violence. It is imperative that employers be able to identify employees who may cause others harm and react to credible threats of violence in the workplace. This session will provide a historical analysis of the evolution of violence in the American workplace, offer tips and strategies to keep your workforce safe.

Dates & Locations:

Riverside – January 9th
Los Angeles – January 17th
Anaheim – February 1st

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