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County Offices of Education

Education is one of the most sensitive and complex areas of law. Knowledge and experience are key, as is a deep understanding of the impact and implications that political, labor and educational issues place on educators, administrators and government agencies.

AALRR is one of the few law firms with a particular focus on education law—particularly as it relates to governance, labor, disciplinary and facilities issues—and we are among those who have practiced it the longest in California. Our attorneys have helped shape the field of education law and also created the benchmark for evaluating and improving teacher performance—the FRISK Documentation Model. We represent a large number of county offices of education throughout the state in a broad-range of matters, including:

  • Brown Act
  • Employment and labor law
  • Collective bargaining
  • Employment contracts
  • Layoffs
  • Employee discipline
  • Employment discrimination
  • Civil rights issues
  • Worker’s compensations
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Student discipline
  • Non-profit educational foundations
  • Litigation

Our attorneys represent county offices of education in matters related to student discipline, including representing or assisting districts at suspension and expulsion hearings, and advising on appropriate disciplinary procedures in light of Education Code and constitutional requirements. We also advise and represent clients in investigations and complaints by the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, in regard to alleged violations of civil rights laws.

Brown Act & Local Governance

AALRR attorneys are well versed in all aspects of the Brown Act and other laws pertaining to school district governance. We regularly provide legal interpretations and advice concerning board relations issues, including advising and in-servicing boards on the Brown Act. more

CDE Compliance Complaints

The number and variety of Compliance Complaint forms published and administered by the California Department of Education (CDE) is broad and complex. more

Charter Schools & Joint Powers Authorities

AALRR represents public school districts in all aspects of charter school operations. We regularly assist districts in responding to Proposition 39 facility requests by charter schools. In addition, AALRR assists districts with: more

Collective Bargaining

AALRR has been involved in public sector labor relations since the inception of the Educational Employment Relations Act in 1979. Our attorneys have negotiated thousands of collective bargaining agreements and memoranda of understanding since 1979, and have worked extensively with the California State Mediation and Conciliation Service in mediation and fact-finding. more

Contract Administration & Enforcement

AALRR has extensive experience advising and representing public agencies on a wide range of contract and personnel matters. more

Facilities & Construction

For over 30 years, AALRR has been extensively involved in all aspects of public and private construction matters throughout California. more

Investigations & Audits

In the public sector, investigating internal employee complaints often involves complicated personnel and legal issues. more

Labor & Employment Law

AALRR’s extensive experience representing school districts and county offices in the context of certificated and classified employee layoffs has been regularly called upon. We are the only education law firm able to bring decades of Labor Code and wage and hour experience to public sector clients. more

Performance Evaluation & Documentation

AALRR is at the forefront of this field, serving school districts, county offices of education, community colleges, universities and other public agencies with the premier training program and methodology for evaluating employee performance. more

Section 504

Similar to the Americans With Disabilities Act, Section 504 prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities in programs receiving federal financial assistance for students with disabilities. more

Special Education & Due Process

AALRR’s special education and disability law services include representing school districts, SELPAs and county offices of education with the following: more

State & Federal Leave Statutes

There are numerous leave statutes within both the Federal and California laws. For employers, the combination of these laws can often become confusing. Our attorneys routinely guide clients through the intricacies and restrictions of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). more

Student Investigations & Discipline

AALRR has extensive experience working with schools, school districts, SELPAs and county offices of education regarding student investigations and disciplinary procedures. more

Wage & Hour - Public Sector

Wage and hour lawsuits are a concern for all employers, but they can have particularly catastrophic effects on school districts and education agencies already burdened by budget cuts. AALRR helps school districts, county offices of education, community colleges, universities and other public agencies navigate the complex laws governing hours of work and payment of wages. more